Ouija Board Tips and Advice

If you ever use a Ouija board, you should read this page before you start your session-it can help you a lot.


Before Prayer:

Dear Spirit,
As I light these candles, bless this sacred place.
Let the light of their flames radiate love and protection to all four corners of this room.
I ask at this time that any negative energies be released from this space.
With a bath of white light, I ask that it be cleansed and neutralized.
Turn my dwelling into a sanctuary.
May it be the foundation for your teachings and the inspiration for my higher perceptions.

After Prayer:

Dear Spirit,
Thank you for sharing this sacred time with me.
I appreciate the flow of energy I have just experienced.
I will use it for my highest good.
As I blow out these candles, I close this sacred space, and ask that your protection surround me wherever I go today.

Quick Tips:

  • Have an open mind-believe that the board might work. If you don’t think it will, it probably won’t.
  • Be as serious as you can, but not too serious. You don’t want to laugh hysterically, but it’s all right to have fun with it. Some people even say that laughter attracts spirits!
  • Light a candle or two in front of you. Mainly, you’re doing this so that you can see the board, but it can also get you in that creepy mood!
  • I’d suggest no more than 5 people playing Ouija at a time. It may get crazy, and upset the spirit.
  • If you burn a sage-scented candle while using the board, it will keep away evil spirits. Since sage is believed to have a cleansing property, it makes sense.
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol while playing Ouija, it’s just…a bad idea. Don’t try it.
  • Always be respectful to the spirit, even if they are unfriendly. If you disrespect them, it will just get the spirit angrier, and you may not be able to get rid of him.
  • If you cannot rid a spirit, politely talk to them and tell them you do not wish to speak to them now and if it all right for you to talk to them later. If they say “no,” then you end the session by forcing the planchette to “Goodbye,” and saying: “I release you to go back to where you came from.”
  • Always remember that spirits do not always tell the truth. Tricksters usually aren’t harmful can lie about the smallest things, so if a Ouija board tells you that you are going to break your back in three days, don’t always believe it.
  • Never ask the spirit to do anything outside the board, like move an object. That means you’re giving them permission to freely roam your house, which is usually a bad thing.
  • If a spirit moves the planchette that looks like it’s about to say “hell,” or “demon,” or “devil,” or anything like that, move it to “goodbye.” Do NOT allow them to finish the word. Even if you think they’re a spirit guide. If you allow them to spell out a word like that, they are evil, and may try to harm you.
  • Drawing a circle around you can help protect from possession from evil spirits, but no guarantee.
  • If the planchette moves to all four corners of the board or makes a figure 8 pattern, end the session; it is evil.
  • If the planchette moves off the board, it is “freed,” or, in other words, you have let it out of the board, and now it is in the house or area.
  • If you get an evil spirit, it is usually best to flip the planchette over and use it that way.
  • If you put a piece of silver, such as a coin, on the board, it should keep away demons.
  • You should never use the board if you are ill or weakened in any way. Evil spirits see this as a weak point and take advantage.
  • If you let the spirit go through the alphabet or count down through the numbers, it will or wishes to escape. Just force the planchette to “goodbye” and flip the board over.
  • Remember, most spirits are weak and may not spell out words correctly. Sort of like on our first session ever, we asked how he died and spelled “het,” but really meant “heat.”
  • Never play Ouija alone. Evil spirits take advantage of this. You should always have 2 people or more.
  • Never have the lights on when you play Ouija. Lights hurt the spirits. Candles are fine, but nothing else.
  • Never get the session on film. Tape recorders are fine, but filming it makes the spirit uncomfortable.

This is all I really know, but am not sure all is true. If you have any comments on the tips we’ve given here, or if you have any yourself, please post a comment on this page. Thank you.

– The Ouija Crew


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